Rob's Story

It all began in late 70s Dallas, Texas, with a hyperactive kid eager to make money. My original motto was "Professional Service, Kid Next Door Prices," and I started mowing lawns in my neighborhood with a Weedeater line trimmer as thin as dental floss. During high school, I funded my passion for snow skiing by mowing lawns in the summer, saving up for ski trips to Colorado or New Mexico.

Initially, I pursued a finance major at the University of North Texas with dreams of Wall Street. However, I had an epiphany during my third year, realizing I could make a living outdoors and spend more time in the mountains. Despite my parents' objections, I left college and dived into the lawn business. In 1990, I ventured into hanging Christmas lights as a side business.

Around this time, I visited Seattle and realized I could live near the mountains year-round while earning a living. After much persuasion, my wife Julie and I moved to Seattle, exchanging sweltering heat for cool rain. With dedicated young managers, we've grown the business, servicing thousands of yards over two decades.

Even now, I still enjoy mowing lawns a few days a week for the love of being outdoors and staying active. While I no longer ski as much as in my youth, my wife and I now vacation in the sun during the winter, and I indulge in ski tours during the spring and summer.


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